It’s Time to Be Thankful for Everything in Your Life!

It’s almost the time of year to eat ourselves silly while watching football and bantering with loved ones. Thanksgiving Day is a busy day in late autumn when we get together with family and friends to celebrate the blessing in our lives. Other cultures around the world hold similar festivities this time of year. In […]

Preventing Ice Dams This Winter

Experts have predicted that this winter could be another cold and snowy repeat of last winter. Whether or not that comes true is anyone’s guess. Along with the snow will be cold temperatures and the possibility of icicles hanging from your eaves. While icicles are pretty, they are often a sign of trouble waiting to […]

Shield Your Assets with an Umbrella Policy

Your basic auto insurance and homeowners insurance could serve you well in the face of an accident or disaster. It can also protect you financially if you have an accident with your boat, snowmobile, ATV or RV. However, all insurance policies have a limit to their coverage. Then you hear about a big accident settlement […]

Health Savings Account (HSA) Updates for 2015

We’re more than halfway through 2014 and though it may seem like 2015 is a long way off, there are changes to 2015 employee benefits that may affect you if you participate in a high-deductible health insurance plan with coupled with a Health Savings Account (HSA). The U.S. Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service have issued new guidelines on […]

How Your Dog Figures Into Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Americans share their homes with nearly 80 million dogs. Many people consider them to be family, treating them almost like they’re human. Most people, however, probably don’t’ think about how their dog figures into their homeowners insurance policy. That’s an oversight that could be costly if your dog acts out and causes injury or other damage. […]