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2015 Employee Health Insurance Benefits Updates

2015 HSA UpdateWe’re more than halfway through 2014 and though it may seem like 2015 is a long way off, there are changes to 2015 employee benefits that may affect you if you participate in a high-deductible health insurance plan with coupled with a Health Savings Account (HSA).

The U.S. Treasury Department and Internal Revenue Service have issued new guidelines on high-deductible health insurance plans and the health savings accounts (HSAs) that go with them. As a result, out-of-pocket spending limits and maximum contributions to HSAs will change next year. The following limits are in effect for calendar year 2015:

Category 2014 Limits 2015 Limits
Maximum annual HSA contribution amount
(employer + employee)
$3,300 (single)
$6,550 (family)
$3,350 (single)
$6,650 (family)
Catch-up contribution level
(for those who are 55 or older)
$1,000 $1,000
Maximum out-of-pocket $6,350 (single)
$12,700 (family)
$6,450 (single)
$12,900 (family)
Minimum deductible $1,250 (single)
$2,500 (family)
$1,300 (single)
$2,600 (family)
Minimum embedded deductible $2,500 (single)
$5,000 (family)
$2,600 (single)
$5,200 (family)

If you have questions about high-deductible health insurance plans and the health savings accounts (HSAs), feel free to contact any of the Noah Insurance Group Employee Benefit team as they’d be glad to help.