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Insurance for the Part-Time College Student

College Student

Is your college-bound student committing to a part-time schedule? Complete College America reports that 37 percent of all college students attend part-time, meaning they are enrolled 12 hours or less per semester. Of those, the American Association of University Professors reports that approximately 80 percent also hold jobs while enrolled in school. Working, attending school, and sometimes juggling other responsibilities can present unique challenges to a college student. In fact, many part-timers find that their needs are significantly different than those of full-time students – particularly their insurance needs. Read on to find out more about insurance for part-time college students and what types of coverage your child may need.

Auto Insurance for Part-Time College Students

Many students who attend college part-time also work at paying jobs to help pay for living expenses and other expenditures. Most students who work off campus rely on personal transportation to commute. Some may even opt to live at home and commute to both work and school. Usually, auto insurance carriers allow a student to remain on a parent’s policy so long as the student is under age 25 and meets certain requirements. Keep in mind that part-time students generally cannot qualify for good student discounts, but other premium reductions may still be available, such as those for safe driving.

Health Insurance for Part-Time College Students

College is a time when many students are in peak personal health. Despite feeling invincible, all students need health insurance throughout the college years, and many universities agree. According to Bankrate, approximately 30 percent of all American colleges and universities required students, including part-time students, to have health coverage in order to enroll for the 2007-2008 school year. With the passage of the Affordable Care Act, all students must have health coverage.

Fortunately, the Affordable Care Act allows for adult children to remain on a parent’s health plan until age 26, regardless of college enrollment status. For students who do not have access to a parent’s health plan, finding coverage may be a matter of purchasing an individual health policy, since most employers do not provide health insurance coverage for part-time employees.

Property and Liability Insurance for Part-Time College Students

Part-time college students should not overlook the importance of property and liability insurance. Unlike full-time students living on campus, who may have coverage under a parent’s homeowners insurance policy, part-time students are almost never covered by a parent’s insurance while away at college – regardless of whether they live on campus or off. Renters insurance provides necessary protection for personal belongings, liability damages, and medical payments to people injured inside your student’s apartment or dorm.

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If your student is planning to attend college part-time this semester or over the summer, the right insurance can provide peace of mind. Contact us to discuss auto insurance, health insurance and renter’s insurance options, as well as other insurance solutions that may benefit your student. We look forward to serving you soon.