Your Home Based Business Needs Small Business Insurance

Small Business Insurance Desk

Have you come to the conclusion that it would be nice to have a little bit extra at the end of the month? Are you considering a side job to make ends meet? If so, you’re not alone, many people have chosen to deliver pizzas, or use their car as a taxi service through companies […]

Flood Insurance 101

Flooded Street

You love living on the lake – there’s nothing quite like having such a great source of recreation and relaxation right out your back door.  However, with having a lake home or cabin, there are additional risks that you should be aware of. Namely, losses due to a flood. While you can’t recall a flood […]

Which States are Identity Thieves Targeting?

Identity theft

Identity theft continues to be the fastest growing crime in the country. In fact, more than 13-million people in the U.S. become victims each year. However, some states in the US tend to be suffering from this problem more than others. While Minnesota and Wisconsin are not on the list of “Top ten identity fraud […]

Personal Property Insurance Basics

Personal Property Insurance

When you buy homeowners insurance or renters insurance, you’re also buying personal property insurance. If you lost your personal property, such as furniture, electronics, clothing, jewelry, due to a covered loss, you likely would be reimbursed by the insurance company so you could replace them. That would include everything from your shirts and pants to […]

Why Buy Insurance from an Independent Insurance Agent?


Previously, we outlined three ways that you can buy insurance: direct from the company, through a captive agent, or with an independent agent. In that post, we described some of the advantages and disadvantages for each, and wrapped it up by explaining a few reasons why we think buying through an independent insurance agent is […]