Hiring a Contractor – What Insurance Coverage Should You Require?

Imagine a situation such as this: You’re finishing the basement in your home, and you’ve hired a local contractor to put up drywall. Unfortunately, while carrying a large sheet of drywall down your basement stairs, one of the contractor’s employees slips and falls. He is badly injured in the process, unable to work, and stuck with […]

Your Car Insurance Claim, Steps You Should Take and What to Expect

Picture this: You’re on the road with your family, heading north to visit Lake Superior at Duluth for the weekend. All’s well until you stop at a family restaurant for lunch. As you turn into the parking lot, a vehicle comes racing around the corner of the building expecting a clear path and rams right […]

Renting Your Home to Others

The rise of Airbnb as a means of renting unused home space is a direct product of what many are dubbing ‘the sharing economy.’ It makes sense. You have an extra room or even a second home you are not using year-round, so why not make a little cash out of it? In these cases, […]

7 Tips to Prevent a Fire in Your Home

Did you know that the National Fire Protection Association recorded more than 350,000 home fires across the United States in 2016? While it is natural for Wisconsin and Minnesota homeowners to protect against inclement weather, these numbers indicate that fire safety should be a top priority as well. As your trusted independent insurance agency, we want […]

Keeping Your Family Safe

Did you know that you are supposed to replace your smoke alarms every ten years? One of the biggest parts of being a responsible homeowner is keeping up with fires safety and maintenance around your home. As your trusted independent home insurance agency in western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota, we want to make sure you […]